How It's Done

The entire process is an easy stress free one, aimed at eliminating hassle, wasted efforts, and unsafe contacts for our customers. 

Start by adding vehicle information

Please make sure that you enter as much information as you can. Since we're coming to you to do our final appraisal, neither party can afford a wasted trip due to misleading online information. 

Every inquiry is looked at on an individual basis to ensure that correct information is obtained to accurately evaluate each case. This is a 3 to 5 minutes process.

Also, please make sure you enter your correct contact number and the best time for us to call you. We need to speak with you 7 to 10 minutes to ensure that we obtain an accurate evaluation to find out how much your car is worth to advertise it.

Once we have a price to advertise your car, a trained member of our vehicle inspectors team will come to you to view, inspect, and take photos of your vehicle.  

Question That We May Have For You

Do you owe money on your car....if yes ?
Does your car run? If no....why not?
Does your car have any mechanical issues?
Does your car have rust or small/large dents or any major damages? 

(If yes, can you tell us where they are located and how many?) 
How many keys does your car come with?
Describe your interior? Does it smell? Does it have any stains or upholstery damage?
Are there any accidents the car has been involved in? 

Does your car have any recent insurance claim? 
Any upholstery damage on the rims or tire cups?
What are the tire conditions?
Do you have service records?
What are the reasons you want to sell your car?